Houston Matters

Full Show: Age Limits For Tackle Football, And Houston’s Connections To New Orleans (April 2, 2018)

On Monday’s Houston Matters: We learn the latest on an incident at the Chevron Phillips facility in Baytown. Then, we discuss potential age limits on tackle football. Plus, we learn about Houston’s connections to New Orleans as that city celebrates its tricentennial. And Jeff Balke updates us on Houston sports.

On Monday’s Houston Matters:We learn the latest on an incident at the Chevron Phillips facility in Baytown.

Also this hour: Lawmakers in Illinois, New York, and California are debating legislation that would ban tackle football for children under a certain age. The proposed measures stem from concerns about the risks associated with concussions and brain injury. We discuss whether there’s enough medical consensus to impose an age limit on certain sports.

Then, as New Orleans celebrates its tricentennial this year, we discuss the city’s history and its connection to Houston. AndJeff Balkeupdates us on the latest developments in Houston sports.

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