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How A Quick Breather Between Piano Performances Turned Jade Simmons Into A Motivational Speaker

Simmons talks about how she merges musical performance with public speaking.

Jade Simmons, Pianist And Motivational Speaker
Concert pianist and motivational speaker Jade Simmons addresses a group of children in the studios of WTVP Public Television in Peoria, Ill.


We meet Jade Simmons, a concert pianist who merges music with speaking at her performances. She says that unique combination was spawned from very practical necessity.

“When I first got started, I would try to give myself a breather between pieces,” she said. “And I began speaking to the audience.”

She says that set her apart in her field.

“I became known as the girl who talks in her recitals,” she said.

And that branched off into a career as a motivational speaker, which fits her identity as a self-described “professional re-inventor.