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Full Show: Mixing Politics And Culture, And Studying Houston Dialects (March 20, 2018)

On Tuesday’s Houston Matters: We get an update on the latest explosion in Texas and whether it’s connected to four others in Austin. Then, we discuss whether or not celebrities, athletes and other public figures should weigh in on political matters. Plus, a local researcher tells us about her work studying the ways Houstonians speak. And we visit an exhibit of African art.

On Tuesday’s Houston Matters: Ben Philpott from KUT in Austin updates us on yet another explosion in Texas — this time near San Antonio — and whether there’s a link between it and four others in Austin.

Also this hour: Some people think celebrities, athletes, and artists should keep their noses out of political discussions — that politics should be left strictly to the politicians. Others laud those public figures for using their notoriety to bring attention to important issues. What do you think?

Then: Dr. Nancy Niedzielski, a linguist at Rice University, is studying how different people speak in Houston based on where they live, their age, and their ethnicity. We find out more about her work.

And we visit an art exhibit at Texas Southern University called Rites of Passage, which celebrates family through African traditions.

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