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Houston Matters

Film Series Seeks The ‘Rational Middle’ On The Immigration Debate

Gregory Kallenberg and Loren Steffy talk about a short film series they’ve produced on immigration reform.


Demonstrators march through downtown Austin in February 2017.

Houston Matters occasionally calls on energy watcher Loren Steffy to join the show to share his insights on an industry that's a critical piece of Greater Houston's economy. But the former Houston Chronicle columnist has spent time in the past year focused on a different topic: immigration reform.

His work with director Gregory Kallenberg has led to a video series on the same subject, called The Rational Middle of Immigration.

The films will be screened tonight (March 6) at an event at the University of Houston Law Center and Wednesday (March 7) at an event at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.

We revisit our November 2017 conversation with Steffy and Kallenberg about what they believe constitutes the "rational middle" in this debate.