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How Technology Can Help – Or Hinder – Election Security In Texas

Election security expert Dan Wallach explains the strengths and weaknesses of voting machines in the Lone Star State.


Michael Stravato for The Texas Tribune
People voting in Houston during the 2016 November election.

The liberal think tank the Center for American Progress claims in a new study that Texas is well behind the majority of U.S. states in providing appropriate election security – and that all states are at least somewhat vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Texas was one of 12 states to receive a D rating in the report, while five others received an F. The CAP is calling for, among other things, the use of paper ballots and post-election audits.

Is this a legitimate concern, or a strictly partisan fight?

Dan Wallach just testified about the security of Texas elections before lawmakers in Austin. He’s a Rice University professor of computer science and of electrical and computer engineering. Craig Cohen finds out what Wallach thinks of the security of voting machines in Texas and how he'd like to improve them.