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Kevin Griffin Of Better Than Ezra Doesn’t Mind Writing Hit Songs For Other Artists

The lead vocalist for Better Than Ezra balances performing his own music with writing Top 40 hits for other artists.

Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin is the lead singer of the band Better Than Ezra and has written Top 40 hits for other artists.

Saturday night (Feb. 24), Houston's House of Blues presents Kevin Griffin. Whether you're aware of it or not, you've probably heard some of his songs. Maybe it's from the hits he's had as front man for the Louisiana rock group Better Than Ezra, songs like Good or Desperately Wanting.

But if those don't ring a bell, maybe you know a song without his voice, like the Top 40 single Collide, which he co-wrote with Howie Day. Or the country hit from the group Sugarland – Stuck Like Glue. It's one of the most downloaded country songs of all time.

Whichever way you might have heard Griffin’s music, writing songs is what he does, evidenced by the numerous writing credits he's had over the years across genres. But how do you write a decent song – let alone a hit? And what’s it like to hear another artist have a hit with a song you wrote?

Back in 2015, Griffin answered those questions with Houston Matters producer Michael Hagerty.