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Houston Matters

Houston’s Bicentennial: What Will Our City Be Like In 2036?

Children born this year will graduate high school in 2036, the year of Houston’s bicentennial. The producers of a series of conversations want to make sure those young people inherit an improved city.


Children born this year will graduate high school in 2036. That’s Houston’s bicentennial year — the 200th anniversary of our city’s founding.

So what kind of city will Houston be by then? What kinds of opportunities and challenges will exist for those young people in the class of 2036? And what can be done to make that future better for them?

A series of conversations happening over the next few months explores just that. The series is called The Journey of Houston’s Bicentennial Child: Equality, Equity, and Ethics. Houston Matters talks it over with the producer and host of the series, Larry Payne, and David Crossley, founder of Houston Tomorrow.