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Former Bodybuilder Tells Her Story Of Overcoming Addiction To Crack

Felicia Lee-Sexton talks to Houston Matters about her book, ‘From Recovery To Discovery: My Journey Through Addiction.’

Recovered drug addict and former body builder Felicia Lee-Sexton.
Former bodybuilder Felicia Lee-Sexton overcame an addiction to crack cocaine. She tells her story in her book, From Recovery to Discovery: My Journey Through Addiction.

Houstonian Felicia Lee-Sexton does a lot of things. She owns a gym for women. She’s a wellness manager with Legacy Community Health. And, recently, she retired from being a professional bodybuilder.

But she’s also a recovering addict. She used to use crack cocaine.

She shares her story in her book From Recovery to Discovery: My Journey Through Addiction.

Sexton tells Houston Matters host Craig Cohen everybody is addicted to something, so anyone who reads the book can connect with her story.