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Houston Matters

How Did Harvey Compare To Researchers’ Worst-Case Scenario Storm?

Back in October 2016, researchers created a fictional tropical storm of extraordinary magnitude to understand just how well (or not) Greater Houston would handle the “big one.” Well, how did Harvey compare, and what lessons did they learn from it?

Harvey's flooding and destruction might have felt like the worst-case scenario for Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast. But was it?

You might recall last Halloween, fittingly, we brought you the story of Hurricane Isaiah, a very fictional storm. It was a computer model researchers were using to examine how the worst-case scenario storm would affect Greater Houston. So we thought we'd bring one of the researchers back to compare Harvey to Isaiah and to determine what lessons they learned from the real thing.

Jim Blackburn of Rice University's SSPEED Center joins us. That stands for Severe Storm Prediction, Education, and Evacuation from Disasters.