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Union Says Houston Firefighters Are Underprepared For Flood Rescues

We meet a family who needed rescuing during the 2015 Memorial Day flood and learn why local officials say they need more training to help people like them.

Andy Claridge, 44, bought life vests for his entire family, after HFD's rescue raft didn't have children's vests during the Memorial Day Flood of 2015. Photo: Allison Lee/News 88.7

As News 88.7 has been reporting, heavy rains overnight created many flooded roadways around Greater Houston this morning, and more rain could hit the area tonight.

Allison Lee
News 88.7 senior producer Allison Lee talks on Houston Matters about training for flood rescues in Houston.

Meanwhile, fire officials say they’ve conducted about two-dozen water rescues today, mostly pulling drivers from their stranded cars. But, as Houston Public Media has been reporting, the local firefighters union is concerned about the lack of proper training firefighters receive for such rescue operations.

News 88.7 senior producer Allison Lee joins us to explain what the firefighters union says its membfers are having to do to improvise some self-training. And she introduces us to a Houston family who experienced firsthand what an underprepared HFD flood rescue is like.