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Full Show: The Tragic Smuggling Case Out Of San Antonio, Houston Transplants, And Your Gardening Questions (July 24, 2017)

Updates on the tragic human smuggling case out of San Antonio. How does Houston strike the non-natives who’ve moved here from other cities and states? Houston Matters finds out, and we also get answers to your gardening questions, and discuss the latest in Houston sports.

Eric Gay/AP
San Antonio police officers are seen in a parking lot where ten people were found dead in a tractor-trailer that contained at least 30 others outside a Walmart store.

Houston Matters is following up on developments on a human smuggling case out of San Antonio that officials are calling ‘tragic.' Ten people are dead and more than two dozen others are hospitalized after they were discovered inside a sweltering semi trailer outside a Walmart. The driver of the truck is now in federal custody. We'll have the latest on the case, and reaction from local advocacy groups.

We’ve frequently featured Houstonians, many of them having grown up here, with intimate knowledge of the city. But what about those of us not originally from here? How does Houston strike the non-natives who have moved here from other cities and even other states?

Luke Brawner is one such transplant from Fort Worth who started his own podcast, The H, where he talks to all kinds of people in the city, wanting to paint a strong picture of Houston's identity through its people. We talk with him about his experiences as a non-native and what producing the podcast has revealed to him about the city.

Also this hour: horticulturist Linda Gay answers your gardening questions, and sports writer Jeff Balke, examines developments in Houston sports.

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