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Houston Matters

Grownups and Their Legos: Inside Brick Fiesta Houston

Houston Matters visits a traveling event for Lego lovers.


Brick Fiesta Legos Banner - EHowlinLego blocks have an ageless appeal. In other words: both kids and adults love playing with them and building unique creations. That fact will be evident at an event at The Westin Galleria Houston this week (July 7-10, 2016) called Brick Fiesta.

The event features a convention for Lego fans and displays of elaborate Lego creations, like a massive train, a city and numerous micro-scale models.

The event, which rotates each year between four major Texas cities, is entirely organized and planned by fans. The last time a large-scale Lego event was in Houston was 2013, when Houston Matters producer Edel Howlin visited Lego KidsFest. She also visited the home of an enthusiast named TJ Avery to get a glimpse of his world of brick building.

Avery and his fellow Lego enthusiasts Sarah Silverman and Mike Taylor are putting on this year's Brick Fiesta — the second time Houston has hosted the event.

Edel caught up with all three of them to discuss this year's event and what it means to meet other Lego lovers.

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