Houston Matters

Training Cats for the Circus: It’s Harder than Herding Cats

Houston Matters visits the cat circus. That’s right — a cat circus.

We’ve all heard the saying that when something’s particularly difficult it’s “like herding cats.” In other words – it’s pretty much impossible. Well, Houston Matters’ Michael Hagerty tells us about someone who’s gotten about as close as possible to literally and figuratively herding cats.

Samantha Martin has travels the country with her show The Amazing Acro-Cats, a circus — yes a cat circus — featuring 14 trained cats, a groundhog, a chicken and three mice. It also features the “musical” group Tuna and the Rock Cats. Yes — cats trained to “play” musical instruments.

The Acro-Cats perform at Houston’s FreneticCore Theater through Sunday, Feb. 22.