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Wes Anderson Discusses ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ And Houston’s Influence On His Films

The Houston native talks with Houston Matters host Craig Cohen about his career and the city’s role in it.

Wes Anderson - Grand Budapest Hotel


Director and Houston native Wes Anderson is known for his unique visual style. Many of his films, from Rushmore to The Royal Tennenbaums to his latest theatrical release, The Grand Budapest Hotel, are filled with highly detailed images. Characters and action are often centered in the screen. Any movement is painstakingly choreographed to match accompanying music.

But if the style is familiar, the location of his new film is anything but. Where Rushmore was shot here in Houston, Anderson and his cast and crew headed to Germany to create Grand Budapest’s fictional Zubrowka. That doesn’t, however, mean there isn’t a little bit of Houston in the picture.

Wes Anderson sat down with Houston Matters host Craig Cohen to discuss his work and Houston’s influence on it.


Michael Hagerty

Michael Hagerty

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