Health Matters

Pregnancy and Flu Shots

“Protect yourself and your baby.”


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Vaccinations aren't just for children. Dr. Don Briscoe, Director of the Longitudinal Primary care Program at the Tillman J. Fertitta Family College of Medicine says if you are pregnant there are two important shots that you should get.

“It's flu season and it's important for everyone to get a flu shot, but if you're pregnant it's critical. A flu shot in pregnancy does three things: It reduces your risk of getting the flu, it reduces your risk of passing the flu to your baby, and it helps to protect your baby from catching the flu from others.”

“Flu shots are safe, and you can get one at any time during your pregnancy. And the myth that you often hear isn't true: a flu shot can't give you the flu.”

“Pregnant women in their third trimester should also get vaccinated against pertussis, also known as whooping cough. Up to 20 babies die each year from pertussis and this vaccine helps to protect your baby until he's old enough to get his shots.”

“If you are pregnant, protect yourself and your baby: get your flu and pertussis shots!”

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