Health Matters

Teenagers And COVID-19

Dr. Joel Blumberg

Surviving the pandemic is difficult for everyone, but it can be extra hard for teens.

Dr. Joel Blumberg, Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Houston College of Medicine explains why.

“Social distancing due to the pandemic can be especially hard on teens, who may feel isolated from friends. They have also missed out on important events like graduation and prom.”

“Here are some ways to help your teen:

  • Respect their privacy and need for ‘down time.’
  • Allow them to stay connected with friends and loved ones by text, video chat or social media.
  • Ask them take on new responsibilities, such as cooking, or keeping an eye on a younger sibling.
  • Finally, talk with your teen about how they are feeling.”

“Overall, pay attention. Are there changes in their mood, behavior patterns, or interests? If you notice symptoms of anxiety or depression, reach out to a qualified healthcare provider for evaluation and support.”

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