Health Matters

New Year, New You

Guest: Professor Maureen Grissom

Can New Year's resolutions help improve your health? Professor Maureen Grissom, faculty in the Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Houston College of Medicine says they can if you stick to them.

“Despite good intentions, many people find it challenging to stick with their new year's goals. You can be more effective by setting S-M-A-R-T goals, a technique adapted from business management.”

  • S is for SPECIFIC
    • Instead of I want to improve my health, try I want to start running regularly.
  • M is for MEASURABLE
    • I will run one mile, three times a week.
  • A is for ATTAINABLE
    • Going from zero to running eight miles every day is too drastic and may lead to frustration. Start smaller.
  • R for RELEVANT
    • Make resolutions for YOU, not for someone else.
  • T for TIMELY
    • Set dates to track progress. I want to run three miles by May.

“Being ‘SMART’ about your resolutions can help you stick to them and ultimately improve your health.”

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