Health Matters

Pregnancy During COVID

Guest: Dr. Kimberly Pilkinton

Are you pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, Dr. Kimberly Pilkinton, an ob/gyn physician in the Department of Clinical Sciences at the University of Houston College of Medicine has some advice and reminders.

“We are still learning about COVID-19, but symptomatic pregnant women are more likely to have serious consequences. The risk to pregnant patients, however, is less than with other infections, like SARS and strains of the flu. There is no significant evidence yet that COVID-19 is transmitted to an unborn baby from an infected mother. However, prevention is still key.”

“Here are some safety guidelines:

  • Continue to protect yourself from unnecessary exposure.
  • Decrease your and your baby's risk of other infections by getting a TdaP and flu vaccine during your pregnancy.
  • Lastly, keep your prenatal care appointments and continue to ask more questions as you move closer to delivery.”

“Wishing you a healthy arrival of your baby.”

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