Health Matters

Parenting in the age of COVID

Guest: Joel S. Blumberg, M.D.

As the pandemic rages around us, parents are being called upon to act as teachers, remote workers and therapists. Dr. Joel Blumberg, Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Houston College of Medicine, discusses.

“We all know that the beginning of the school year is a challenging time for parents. Here are four practices we can all do to help our children feel supported and safe and that will help reduce family stress.”

“First. Maintain a structure. Have a daily routine for children, including a regular bedtime, time for learning, meals, exercise, and rest.”

“Second. Be calm and reassuring when talking about the coronavirus. Let children know that lots of people are working very hard to bring back a sense of normalcy.”

“Third. Maintain healthy habits and follow current CDC guidelines of social distancing, hand washing and wearing masks when in public.”

“And fourth, let your children know that feeling stress is normal and that persevering through these difficult times will ultimately make them more resilient.”

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