Encore Houston

Encore Houston, Episode 138: Loop38

Contemporary ensemble Loop38 performs music by 21st century composers, including a work inspired by Houston’s bayou system.


On this episode of Encore Houston, Loop38 presents an eclectic set of pieces inspired by a range of subjects like Alfred Hitchcock and even Houston itself!

Music in this episode:

  • NICOLE LIZÉE: Hitchcock Etudes
  • ELLIOT COLE: Postludes
  • RENÉ EESPERE: Sculpture’s Morning
  • ANNEA LOCKWOOD: bayou-borne
  • ANGÉLICA NEGRÓN: Technicolor
  • EVAN CHAPMAN: Cassiopeia
  • Performance dates: 11/24/2019, 1/29/2019
  • Originally aired: 7/25/2020

New episodes of Encore Houston air Saturdays at 10 PM, with a repeat broadcast Sundays at 4 PM, all on Houston Public Media Classical.


This article is part of the Encore Houston podcast

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