Classical Classroom

Classical Classroom, Episode 174: Critiquing Anne Midgette

Classical music critic Anne Midgette discusses her unique classical music beginner’s guide.

Anne Midgette, chief classical music critic at the Washington Post.

Anne Midgette, chief classical music critic at The Washington Post, recently wrote an article that caught our attention called “A beginner's guide to enjoying classical music. No snobs allowed.”

We figured that she must have been listening to Classical Classroom, so we invited her on to chat.

In this episode, Midgette discusses the pointers in her article (gems such as, “Classical music can do things no other music can”), talks about her own circuitous path to classical music critic stardom, and recommends some pieces of music to get you on your way to learning to love classical music more.

Music in this episode:

Special Thanks to Todd Reynolds for his music, Taskforce: Farmlab from Outerbourough.