Briefcase Returns! Clicking on “I Agree”

Guest: D.C. Toedt

Briefcase is back from summer break!
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When buying items online, most people have probably clicked an “I Agree” button on their phone or computer. D.C. Toedt, with the University of Houston Law Center, teaches contract law, and says these folks might be giving up their day in court.

“In Moule v United Parcel Service, Mr. Moule used UPS to ship equipment to Hawaii,” Professor Toedt explained. “The equipment got there, but it was ruined. Mr. Moule sued UPS, but the judge dismissed the case.”

“To arrange for the shipment, Mr. Moule had gone to the UPS website,” Toedt continued. “And then to complete the transaction, he clicked on a button that said basically, ‘I agree to UPS’s terms.’ Those terms included an arbitration agreement. So, Mr. Moule gave up his right to sue UPS in court. If you click on an ‘I Agree’ button, you’re very likely to end up legally bound. Make sure you read those terms first.”

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