Briefcase: Digital Privacy

Guest: Emily Berman


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Technology has made everything more accessible than ever, but what does that mean for our privacy? Emily Berman, with the University of Houston Law Center, is a constitutional law scholar and explains how our digital privacy is protected under the law.

"While the European Union implemented a comprehensive data regulation law meant to safeguard its citizens digital privacy, U.S. laws are a patchwork, derived from different sources," Professor Berman said. "They protect different segments of our digital footprint, but not nearly all of it."

Berman also explained how the Fourth Amendment applies to this issue. "It places limits on when the government can access your digital information," she said. "The law has struggled to keep pace with the rate of technology. It wasn't until 2018 the Supreme Court finally said the Fourth Amendment protects our cell phone location. But it says nothing about how companies like Facebook and Google use our digital information."

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