Briefcase: Trailblazer Judge Ruby Kless Sondock

Host: Dean Leonard Baynes

March is Women’s History Month and a time to recognize trailblazers who made significant contributions to their professions. Dean Leonard Baynes, with the University of Houston Law Center, tells the story of former Judge Ruby Kless Sondock.

“Judge Sondock accomplished many firsts and is a Texas legal legend. Intending to become the ‘best legal secretary in town,’ Sondock graduated first in her law school class at the University of Houston in 1962.”

“In 1973, she was the first woman appointed as a judge in Harris County and then became the first woman appointed to a district court. In 1982, she was the first woman to serve on the Texas Supreme Court during a regular session.”

“An advocate and mentor, Judge Sondock founded the first Houston-based attorney association for women. In 2015, Judge Sondock was officially honored by the State Bar of Texas as a legal legend for her outstanding contributions as a judge, lawyer, and community leader.”