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Pursuing Meaningfulness

Four critical steps to attaining it.



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The pursuit of meaning is a profoundly important part of human life. However, Associate Professor Melanie Rudd with the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston says people are often unsure of how they can pursue meaningfulness.

“Despite the critical motivating role that meaningfulness plays in people's lives, the concept of meaning, and how to attain it, are often perceived as obscure. By understanding four critical steps, consumers can squeeze more out of life's moments to maximize their sense of meaning.”

“First, savor the present and be consciously grateful for small moments, such as keeping a gratitude journal. Second, engage in mindfulness exercises, such as walking meditation, to help view your experiences in a more favorable light.”

“Third, spend more time on fewer activities to help deepen their meaning, and finally, be authentic whenever possible, such as by choosing behaviors and goals that are consistent with your true self.”

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