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WATCH: Interactive Exhibition Explores The History Of Human Knowledge at Rice’s Moody Center

Artist Matthew Ritchie conceptualizes human history using multimedia and virtual reality.

Combining digital design, painting, lightboxes, music, and a virtual-reality environment, The Demon in the Diagram is NY-based artist Matthew Ritchie‘s abstract conceptualization of human knowledge and thinking throughout history. The exhibition was designed specifically for the two main gallery spaces at Rice University’s Moody Center for the Arts. In the video above, Ritchie describes the show as “both an effort to show the totality of human experience, of thinking, and then also very clearly showing you the way that collapses, or changes, or is altered all the time.” The Demon in the Diagram will be on view through December 22, 2018.

Featured music: “Water” by Two Star Symphony

This segment aired as part of the TV program Arts InSight, October 19, 2018, on Houston Public Media – TV 8.

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