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UH Moment: “Sonic Art”

What does art sound like? A class of University of Houston students were asked to find out. Listen to this week's UH Moment.


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Students in a UH advanced sculpture class were asked to create kinetic pieces that related to sound.  The result: Art Bikes.

“We usually think of the visual first, and we don’t usually think about the sound,”  said School of Art instructor and affiliate artist, Natalie LeDuc.  “I think that the bikes put a lot of things together. It becomes a performance, it’s visual and these project have the sound attached to it.”  

One art bike will be transformed into a music box that plays as its ridden. Another is a train of different sized bikes that plays different sounds as its ridden. And then there’s Zak Christmas’ and Kristin Moori’s Ar Bike.

“We decided to make an Art Batmobile, like from the old television show,” Moori said.  

A welded wire frame painted black with the traditional red lines, powered by pedals, will hold the dynamic duo.

“This one’s about 13 feet long and about seven feet across.  It was hard to scale it down, but also keep all of the lines and have it still look like the Batmobile,” Christmas said.

“And then have to sit and move in it,” Moori added.

Christmas is majoring in sculpture, while Moori is a liberal studies major.  

The wire frame of the Batmobile

The finished Batmobile Art Bike will include a flamethrower exhaust and will play the Batman theme song from the original television show.  Their Art Bike, like all the ones created in the class, will be seen in the Houston Art Car Parade.  

“Hopefully, we’ll have a good balance of something really visually interesting, but also sonically interesting,” Leduc said.  

Sonic Art is part of what’s happening at the University of Houston.