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UH Moment: “UH Center for Public History”

Each Houston creates another page of history. With every headline we hear, another chapter is written. The University of Houston Center for Public History has been a steward of that history — chronicling, researching and teaching. Hear about it in today’s UH Moment.

“Remarks of the President at the Shamrock Hilton Hotel in Houston, Texas, the 14th of August, 1968.  ‘Thank all of you for wanting me to come here and visit with you this afternoon.  Mayor Welch…'”

The words of LBJ are more than an address to a Houston audience.  They are the words that build Houston’s history. 

“Every community needs memory.  And even a community as young as ours needs to know where it came from,” said Martin Melosi, distinguished university professor of history and director of the UH Center for Public History (CPH).  The center chronicles and studies Houston’s long and storied history and is bound by the concept that the past is connected to the present. 

Memory unfolds in places like the Texas Medical Center, downtown, the oilfields and Houston’s wards.  It is preserved with the center’s multipronged approach of research, outreach and teaching. 

“We study and give perspective to historic preservation, the history of buildings, race relations in Houston, what happened to Tenneco, what’s happened to the oil industry,” said Joseph Pratt, Cullen professor of business and history.  “We study our city in a context that is often of national interest.”

Pratt also is editor of Houston History, a tri-annual magazine published by CPH. 

The Center for Public History is part of what’s happening at the University of Houston.  I’m Marisa Ramirez.  

(LBJ audio courtesy of CPH online exhibit, “To Bear Fruit For Our Race,” which can be accessed at http://www.history.uh.edu/cph/tobearfruit/ )

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