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National Poetry Month: “Let me explain Houston to you” By Min K. Kang

The Houston poet reads a poem inspired by the Houston real estate market.

Poet Min K. Kang

In this sound portrait, we meet poet Min K. Kang. She describes what poetry means to her and what it’s like to balance writing with being a mom. She reads her poem, “Let me explain Houston to you.”

Min K. Kang’s poems and other writings have been featured in Asia Literary Review, Bone Bouquet, New Delta Review, and Tender. She lives and works in Houston as a high school English teacher. DIARY OF A K-DRAMA VILLAIN (Coconut Books, 2015) is her first book. She is a Kundiman fellow.


Let me explain Houston to you

as a bulls-eye    the Loop or the 610 is where you wanna be
Arts Gastropubs Thrifting Gentrification

out of that Target lives Sam Houston Tollway or the Beltway 8
it’s cheaper to live there but it is very Less Desirable You Are
Admitting Your Age

             out of the Beltway are:            Farmlands Squares
Suburbans Yogurtlands and Happily Ever Costco
                                                   because money buys time

and I would say that outside of the Beltway equals a Death Knell
on my Cool Factor or whatever but I always ate at Buffalo Wild Wings



This poem was first published in Bone Bouquet and is reprinted with permission of the author.

Music used:  The Haring Escape (excerpt) by Daniel Cords from Brooklyn Rider: The Brooklyn Rider Almanac; Optimist-Live (excerpt) by Zoë Keating from Into the Trees; Junk (excerpt) by Paul McCartney from Working Classical; Hang on Little Tomato (excerpt) by Pink Martini from Hang on Little Tomato

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