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This I Believe

KUHF-Houston Public Radio’s “This I Believe” with Mauricio Lafuente

Mauricio is a 20 year old college student pursuing a biology degree.  His hope is to become a medical doctor, like both his parents.  Mauricio is a native of Houston, but has just recently moved to Orlando where his parents now live.  Mauricio will be attending Central Florida University.  Mauricio’s essay for This I Believe is a result of a college writing class.


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Mauricio’s parents moved to the United States from Costa Rica to practice medicine.  His mother was an Anesthesiologist and his father was a Cardiac Surgeon.  They came to Houston with a couple of children and once in the U.S., had two more, including Mauricio.  He attended St. Thomas Moor Parish Middle School and Strake Jesuit High School.  He then attended Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas working on a biology degree.  He says science is something that comes easy to him and he expects medicine will be a post-graduate pursuit.  Sports are also important to Mauricio.  He plays soccer and teaches swimming. 

Here’s Mauricio Lafuente with his essay for KUHF’s This I Believe.

“I believe in having a faith.

I have grown up having a faith my entire life.  Having a faith has shaped me into the person I believe I am today.  It’s helped me gain compassion, forgiveness, and trust in others and I believe it’s these key values that are necessary for society to develop.

The compassion I’ve developed shows that I am able to care for those who need help.  I will make an effort to go out of my way and help some one with simple tasks…for example, help them when they’ve misplaced a personal belonging or if a friend needs help rearranging furniture.  This is one simple way I can show someone I care about them and I know it means something to them.  Hopefully it will inspire them to go out of their way to help another person whenever a chance may occur. 

I’ve learned to forgive others when they do something inappropriate to me or to others.  I believe this skill is the most difficult to learn.  It requires humility and patience.  I have been insulted or made fun of many times, but I have been able to control my actions and just walk away.  If I were to attack or scold them, the situation would be much worse.  In being the bigger man, I prevent the chance of that to occur.  I want others to know that I will not take advantage of them and they can depend on me with important matters.

I believe having a faith has helped me strengthen my morals and has shaped me into the person I am now.  This I believe.”