This I Believe

KUHF-Houston Public Radio’s “This I Believe” with Carey Giudici

Carey came to Houston a couple of years ago from Georgia, but he’s lived in many places, both here and abroad. Carey is a writer and an editor and he has a real passion for words and the power they can bring. Carey has an engaging personality and makes an effort to find the positives in life. He’s reached an age where he’s begun to look back on his life and assess all the good and bad. He admits the process is ongoing and it’s not always pleasant, but on balance…he says he likes what he’s found.


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Carey Giudici was born in Atlanta but was raised in New York’s Greenwich Village. During his life, Carey also lived in Japan, Mexico, Kenya, India and the gold coast of Georgia. He calls himself an adventurer. He’s also a writer and is compiling his own extreme travel stories for a book he’s calling “Sleeping Around.” Carey and his wife live in Sugar Land and they have daughters and step-daughters living in various parts of the world. As Carey says, he has six wonderful ladies in his life and he appreciates them more now than ever. And he pays tribute to them in his essay for KUHF’s This I Believe.
“I believe that making mistakes is the last thing I should worry about, because other people have learned so much from all my mistakes. Here’s a few examples.

I’m an adventurer who wasn’t around when my three incredible daughters were in their teens. I made mistakes, so I wasn’t there for them. But in the end they learned to love adventures too…and now I’m their number one cheerleader, and we can talk about Africa or India or Seattle all the time.

Its’ still impossible for me to buy my wife the house and piano I promised her, and believe me I pay dearly for that failure. But by learning to depend less on me, she is getting more self-reliant and even occasionally a little optimistic.

And I don’t earn enough to help my beautiful Russian step-daughter live comfortably in faraway St. Petersburg. So now Anna’s learning more about what it takes to start a new life for herself over here.

Finally, I’m always learning how to find reassurance wherever I can. Just the other day I saw a BBC film in which a quirky young woman reassures her older bureaucrat lover…”You’re tender and true. And that’s unusual in a man.”

I just know she was actually talking to me.

Of course, even if I am tender and true it won’t pay the bills. But it does seem to warm the hearts of some remarkable ladies in my life and that’s something.

So…I can stop worrying about making so many mistakes now. Can’t I?

This I believe.”