This I Believe

KUHF-Houston Public Radio’s “This I Believe” with Mary Rios

Mary is a native of Corpus Christi, but she…along with her family moved to Houston when she was barely a year old…so Houston is the only home Mary’s ever known. She’s the oldest of five children and has two daughters of her own so being a care-giver was early training that led to nursing. Mary says when she was a little girl and her family would visit a sick friend in the hospital she’d get excited about being around all the nurses and doctors. Mary knew early on that nursing and medicine would be her calling and she expresses that passion in her essay for KUHF’s This I Believe.


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Mary Rios is one of the fortunate few who knew early in life what she would do when she grew up. Her interest in nursing and medicine blossomed as a little girl. In college, she pursued a pre-med degree and once she began nursing classes, she knew it was exactly what she should do. After graduation, Mary started working immediately and was promoted up the ladder into management. Mary says she’s had opportunities with nursing jobs across the country, but she’s staying in Houston.

Here’s Mary Rios with her essay for KUHF’s This I Believe.
“I believe caring for patients is a noble calling.

I knew at the age of 4 that I wanted to go into healthcare. So, why go into healthcare in this day and age when we have so many career opportunities to choose from?

I believe we choose to work in healthcare for a variety of reasons. We don’t come in and do 8 hours of one task and go home and no matter what part we play in the patient care team, each role is critical in making the whole process function. Those of us in the healthcare profession have the ability to touch and make an impact on a patient’s life. We not only care for patients, but in our everyday duties we work with family members as well. We help ease their fears.

We involve them in the patient care process. The patient care process is an all encompassing environment. We take a patient through the nursing process…from initial illness to care and convalescence…and along the way we can judge the effectiveness of any care provisions.

We learn a lot in a short time. We have to be cool under pressure, be well organized, and understand our patient’s needs.

As a nurse we wear many hats. We learn not only to care for our patients medically, we work to help meet spiritual needs, psychosocial needs and sometimes to just be there and listen.

We meet people from all walks of life, each with their own experiences and stories to tell. We learn to be non-judgmental. It is our job to help make them better. We work in hospitals, clinics, and even out in the community. Our work is one that is incredibly diverse. I believe that our work, no matter what role we play is very gratifying. To know that no matter how bad our shift was, if we touched and made an impact on one life, we did our job.

Even though today’s modern health care is technology based, the patient is the reason we got into this industry.

Florence Nightingale once said, “It is a noble calling, the calling of nurses, but it depends on you nurses to make it noble.”

This I believe.”