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This I Believe

KUHF-Houston Public Radio’s “This I Believe” with John Eymann

John Eymann moved to Houston in 1993 from Chicago. The move to Houston was the result of a job transfer and it was a move John welcomed. He was anxious to leave the cold winters and the so-called “rat race” behind. Texas was more his style. John works at a chemical plant and looks forward to the day when he can retire to do a lot of traveling and pursue all his passions expressed in his essay for Houston Public Radio’s “This I Believe.”



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John is an avid radio listener and KUHF is one of his favorites. He’s a longtime KUHF financial supporter and former “Volunteer of the Year.” John comes in during our on-air fundraising campaign to answer phones. He also comes in during non-campaign times to help with all types of radio projects. John says he’s listened to “This I Believe” since NPR revived the program and he always thought it was something he should get involved with. He says once KUHF began broadcasting local essays, he knew it was the opportunity he was waiting for. John is much more than a listener. He’s become a good friend to the station and we’re proud to have him in our radio family. Thanks for everything, John. Truly!

Here’s John Eymann’s essay for Houston Public Radio’s This I Believe.

“I believe in passions. Everyone should have at least one thing in their life to be passionate about. Over the course of my 5 decades, my interests have varied including, but by no means limited to, music, art, travel, family history, and antiques. From my school days playing trombone and singing in the chorus to my current working routine, most the things I’ve been passionate about have been due to my surroundings from the small Illinois farm community I grew up in, to life in the Army in the early 70’s to the fast paced lifestyle in Chicago, to the laid back existence I now lead here in Houston.

One of my passions is art. I worked at a custom framing shop while in college, and discovered the joy of learning about art and artists from around the world. I took a photography class just before graduating, and I still take many pictures to this day always looking to compose a shot, and noticing things like contrast or lighting effects. Whenever I travel, I visit the local art museums. It can tell you so much about the community, and sometimes it’s a great surprise as to what can be found there. I am a member of the Museum of Fine Arts, here in Houston. I visit the museum a few times a month, taking in lectures and all the changing exhibits, and I have my favorite works in the permanent collection.

As I mentioned music is also one of my passions all kinds and all styles, but this life-long passion has guided me to a newer, more focused passion public radio. Through public radio, music is presented to the masses. Different stations and different formats across the nation, all with the common goal to educate and entertain their listeners from jazz to opera, mixed in with news, gardening tips or engineering history, from local music to music of the world. I am a member of several public radio stations and never miss a chance to promote their mission.

My passions have introduced me to new friends, they have allowed me to become involved in my community, they have kept me constantly learning new things, and they have given my life purpose.

Everyone should strive to have something that fuels their desires or have a subject they hold dear to their heart which they can share with the world. Everyone should have a passion. This I believe.”