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Natasha Morgan Parker and Dione Morgan

Natasha Morgan Parker and Dione Morgan are sisters and both moved to Houston with their families after Hurricane Katrina destroyed their hometown. After relocating to Houston, they both got involved in an effort to document and preserve the stories of fellow survivors.


Sisters Natasha and Dione were both forced from their hometown by Hurricane Katrina, but they refused to allow the storm to ruin their lives. They relocated to Houston to pick up the pieces. They were both introduced to a project called “Surviving Katrina and Rita in Houston”. The project focused on first person history. Natasha and Dione say the project gave them an opportunity to connect to fellow survivors. It also helped ensure their collective history is preserved for future generations.

Both sisters have adjusted to their new lives in Houston. They both admit the transition has been tough, but their Houston experience has been good. The one thing they both miss as much as anything is the food they enjoyed in New Orleans. They’re doing their best to recreate the Creole and Cajun recipes made famous in the Crescent City. Listening to these two ladies discuss the fine art of making red beans is mouth watering. They say the secret is in the seasoning and about 15 minutes into this interview, Natasha and Dione give away some of their seasoning secrets.

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