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Guy Weismantel and Christi Gell

Guy Weismantel has a lot of stories to share and his daughter Christi is a willing inquisitor. This combination made for a lively and entertaining StoryCorps interview. The love and respect between this father and daughter is unmistakable.

Guy Weismantel recently celebrated his 70th birthday. He knows there’s a lot of life not yet lived but admits it’s been an interesting journey to this point. He met his wife, Kathy, on a blind date. They fell in love and were married for many years prior to her death. Guy and Kathy both wanted a large family and their desires came true. They had 7 children, 6 boys and 1 girl.

Guy comes from a long line of tailors and clothiers, but he chose a different career path. As a young boy, he was interested in math and science, so he pursued chemical engineering. He admits his upbringing in Texas probably helped refine his professional interests.

Second to his family, the most important part of Guy Weismantel’s life is his religious conviction. He’s a committed Catholic going to mass every day, but he also attends a Baptist Bible Study class. His interest in religion has also welcomed the Jewish faith and to that end, Guy has attended services in a synagogue. Religion has been a lifelong pursuit for Guy, but at the end of the day, he finds his church home in Catholicism.

Guy also has an interest in music, dating back to his childhood. In the days of big bands, Guy’s father made suits for many of the popular bandleaders who would come to Houston to perform. Guy’s father would often take his son to the local stages and clubs where the bands performed. On occasion, young Guy was asked to introduce the band and make the stage announcements.

Christi pays tribute to her father by sharing with him, life lessons she’s learned under his tutelage. She says her father has taught her and her brothers, the importance of family. It’s something that she’ll pass on to her children someday.

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