Story Corps

Colette and Kenneth Robichau

While growing up in southern Louisiana and southeast Texas, Colette and Kenneth’s individual stories are quite similar. Both were raised in loving homes surrounded by a large family. Kenneth is the 6th of 13 children and Colette is 8th of 11 children. Both of their families were quite active in the Catholic Church and their early experiences have become proud family traditions.

Love of family and church shaped their young lives and now that they have children of their own, Colette and Kenneth have come to appreciate the sacrifice and determination of their parents. Colette was close to her mother, who oversaw the raising of her and her 10 brothers and sisters. She recalls how challenging dinner time was with all the children seated at one table. To prevent everyone from talking all at once, Colette’s mother would pass around a 3-minute egg timer and each child had three minutes to tell their story of the day. By the time each child had told their three minute story, dinner was over. Kenneth remains amazed to this day that he and his 12 brothers and sisters along with their mother and father lived in a home with only ONE bathroom. He says getting ready for school was always a challenge, but they did it because it was all they knew. Colette and Kenneth both realize now the value of the lessons their parents taught them about the importance of family and religion. They’re now passing those life lessons along to the next generation.

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