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Raymond Gayle III and Anna Pearl Barrett

Anna Pearl Barrett could accurately be described as a “renaissance woman”. She’s the granddaughter of Virginia slaves who founded the northeast Harris County community of Barrett Station. She’s an author, an educator and speaks several languages. Anna Pearl Barrett is a citizen of the world and in her StoryCorps interview, she opens her treasure chest of wisdom.

Her father died a half a century ago, but to this day, Ms. Barrett credits her father as the driving force in her life. He was the son of Annie and Harrison Barrett, Virginia slaves who moved to southeast Texas after emancipation. They bought thousands of acres of land in northeast Harris County and founded a community that would become Barrett Station. Anna was the 7th of 13 children, but she says her father always placed extra responsibility on her to succeed. She says his encouragement and positive example helped her look beyond the tall pine trees of southeast Texas for inspiration. Ms. Barrett traveled to Spain and France and learned to incorporate the larger world into her life. Despite having lived a full life, Anna Pearl Barrett has plenty of work not yet done. Specifically, she wants to ensure future generations living in Barrett Station fully appreciate the vision and sacrifice of her ancestors.

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