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Gregory Black

When Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, Gregory and Cheryl Black were hunkered down in their small two-story wood-framed home. The wind broke a few windows and the flood water consumed their first floor and all its contents. That loss was significant, but what Greg lost six months after Katrina would be irreplaceable.


It seemed that Greg and Cheryl Black were destined to be together. They met while in their twenties, but pursued different life paths before reconnecting and marrying many years later. When Hurricane Katrina blew through coastal Louisiana, the couple chose to ride out the storm together in their New Orleans’ home. After flood water forced them to seek higher ground, the two became separated. Only then did they realize how much they relied on each other. They were eventually reconnected and the horror of Hurricane Katrina would pass. However six months after Katrina, Greg would be hit with another horror that would separate him from Cheryl forever.

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