Houston weather: rain expected to bring cooler temps after record-breaking heat

The forecasted high temperature for Monday makes it the hottest April 3 ever in Houston. The city’s previous record for this date was 87 in 2006. 


Temperatures on Monday broke the record for the hottest April 3rd on record. But now temperatures could cool a bit, thanks to some wet weather for the rest of this week.

Brian Kyle is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He said Houston will be getting the remnants of incoming severe weather, projected to hit parts of north and west Texas on Tuesday.

"We’re going to get the tail end of that front. So overall severe weather threat is on the low side, we could still see some moderate to occasionally heavy downpours as this comes through," Kyle said.

He added that between half an inch and two inches of rain is possible each day through Friday.

Whether that translates into flooding, however, he says will be determined by how much rain piles up in any given area over a short amount of time.

“The ground should be able to handle those amounts, you know, spread out over a long period of time," Kyle said. "What we don’t want to see is these isolated two to four inch rainfall rates and in a short time period.”

Temperatures are also expected to drop with highs in the upper 60s at the end of this week, Kyle said.

It's a stark contrast to weather at the beginning of the week. On Monday, Houstonians got their first taste of summer, with a high in the upper 80s and heat index in the mid-90s.

That made Monday the hottest April 3 ever in Houston, and the earliest in a calendar year the city has seen temperatures that high, according to the National Weather Service's Houston-Galveston office. The city's previous record high temperature for April 3 was 87 in 2006.