With 2021’s Winter Storm Uri still fresh in folks' memory, lessons from that disaster can help guide planning for the next.

From the article: Here’s how Texans can stay prepared for winter storms and other disasters

Jacqueline Fabian (left), an Instacart shopper for Costco, makes a water and grocery delivery to Kristin Rash (right) during a winter storm on Feb. 18, 2021. Rash, who has been living at an apartment at the Triangle on Guadalupe without water, didn’t expect an Instacart order she placed last week to come through this week due to the storm. But this morning, she received an update saying Fabian would fill her order. “I texted her and I said ‘I only want you to do this if you can do it safely,'” said Rash. Fabian replied that she was already at Costco and would fill the order. When Rash found out that Fabian also had no water at home, she said, “Please get whatever you need for your family and put it on my tab.” Fabian said she pushes through orders during the storm becuase of people like Rash. “When you help people, they pay it forward,” she said. The two women exchanged phone numbers and expressed gratitude for having met one another. Julia Reihs/KUT