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Gas Prices Rising in Texas, Hard to Say Where They’re Headed Next

Drivers in Houston and around the state are paying a few cents more than last week

Gail Delaughter/Houston Public Media
A Houston freeway.

During a time when gas prices are supposed to be decreasing, Texas drivers are paying more at the pump. The statewide average now stands at $2.65 a gallon. That's up three cents from last week.

Joshua Zuber, from AAA Texas, said prices are usually lower after Labor Day when there's less demand for gas. However, this year that's not the case.

"Our AAA national fall forecast was predicting that we would see gas prices fall again because of cyclical factors," explained Zuber. "But we have so many geopolitical factors in play right now that it's too soon to tell what we're going to be seeing as we move through the fall and the winter months."

Zuber said they're watching things globally on two fronts.

"We've got a number of geopolitical factors including the Iranian sanctions which are supposed to take place coming up in November, focusing specifically on the energy sector," he added, "plus, we're seeing Venezuela's economy unfortunately take a turn for the worst so we're going to see possibly an impact there."

Zuber noted it's unknown right now as to where prices are headed next. "At this point there are just so many factors impacting gas prices that it is difficult to tell," he told News 88.7.

According to the AAA Texas survey, Midland has the highest average gas prices at $3.07. The lowest averages are in San Antonio and McAllen at $2.58.

In Houston, drivers are paying an average of $2.60, four cents more than last week.

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