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“Ride of Silence” Remembers Cyclists Killed On The Road

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Dressed in white, cyclists quietly departed Houston City Hall, on a slow ride that took them past the scene of the most recent fatal crash. That's the spot near Rice University where cyclist Sudipta Roy was hit last month.

Roy's death was the second bike fatality at Sunset and Main in a little over a year.

Bike Houston Executive Director John Long says there's new urgency for the city to implement the bike plan that was approved in 2017.

"And that is to begin to put down more and more clearly designated bike lanes, protected bike lanes where they are called for, shared on-street lanes that are clearly marked," explained Long.

Long added that education would also help, both for drivers and cyclists.

"Drivers need to recognize that bikes have the right to be on the road," said Long. "They're not invaders on the road. In fact we have a right to use the full lane of traffic in order to ensure our safety."

Bike Houston is also calling for stronger enforcement of the city's safe passing ordinance.