Millions of Texans expected to travel this week, with most road congestion projected for Wednesday and Sunday

Travel volume is expected to be up 2% from last year’s Thanksgiving holiday.


Traffic I-45.
Gail Delaughter/Houston Public Media
Traffic is backed up on Interstate 45 in Houston.

AAA Texas predicts 4 million people in the Lone Star State will travel between Wednesday and Sunday this week – 3.7 million of whom will be taking road trips. Road travel times are predicted to be up to 80% longer than normal in some metro areas on Wednesday.

"We know that traffic will start picking up on Tuesday on roadways across the state, but it will be especially busy on Wednesday afternoon and evening," said Doug Shupe, a spokesperson for AAA. "On Sunday afternoon, as folks come back, I-10 East from San Antonio to Houston is anticipated to be one of the busiest stretches of roadway in Texas."

He recommends Texans set out on the road before morning rush hour in order to avoid peak congestion.

"The key is to avoid those early morning rush hour commute times and the afternoon rush hour commute times, when people heading to and from work are mixing on the roads with people heading in and out of town," Shupe said.

He also recommends travelers make sure their vehicle maintenance is up-to-date before setting out, as dead batteries and flat tires are the most common issues AAA sees on the road this time of year.

"Check your tire tread and inflation, and check your battery to make sure it has a good charge," said Shupe. "Most car batteries last three to five years, so if your battery is three years old or older, it's a good idea to test it out before you hit the roadway."

Shupe also suggests travelers leave ample time to get to their destination, in order to cut down on the inclination to speed or otherwise drive unsafely.

Rebecca Noel

Rebecca Noel


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