World Series

Houstonians Ecstatic For Astros First World Series Title

“The fact that we beat, Red Sox, Yankees, then Dodgers it’s three of the perennial best franchises in the league. It’s pretty incredible,” says Andrew Wenger

The wait has been 55 years in the making. And for Houston sports fans the Astros first World Series title has exorcised a lot of demons.

The victory helps overcome the memories of the Oilers blowing a 35-3 lead against the Buffalo Bills in the '92 NFL playoffs. Or Astros heartbreaking losses to the Phillies, and Dodgers, and Mets, and Braves in past playoffs.

So it's understandable that some Astros fans were cautiously optimistic about this year's team. Shane Jackson said despite scoring five runs early in Game Seven, he wasn't sure the Astros would win until the final out.

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"We are used to a lot of disappointment. Nothing's over until it's actually over, I mean, how many times have we sat there and said, "Oh we got this," and all of a sudden, "What? Tenth inning, twelve – twelve? Come on." Nobody sits there and expects to have to go through 25 runs to win a game. But, it happens," said Jackson.

For other Houston natives like Alley Schaich, confidence in the Astros grew as the team raced to the best record in baseball at the All Star break. But still she said the team managed to exceed expectations.

"I was pretty excited earlier on in the summer when they were looking really good, but I definitely think they'd go this far," she said.

For Andrew Wenger, the path to the title makes the victory even sweeter. "The fact that we beat, Red Sox, Yankees, then Dodgers it's three of the perennial best franchises in the league. It's pretty incredible," Wenger said. The World Series has also inspired him. "It was a lot of fun so I think tomorrow I'm getting season tickets."

Robert Menendez has a lot of family in Chicago that were able to celebrate the Cubs first Series win in 108 years. He said he's looking forward to seeing them soon now that the Astros have won.

"Well my family they got all tattoos for the first time, and just like laughing at ‘em, and it's going to be funny when I go to Guatemala in the middle of the year just to show off my Astros tattoo," said Melendez.

For many Astro fans, Wednesday night's win, means Thursday morning shopping. At the Academy Sports and Outdoors store near Midtown, Shane Carlisle said people started lining up for merchandise during the second inning of the game. When the game ended, the Academy communications specialist said hundreds were waiting.

"We actually had boxes and boxes in the back of our stores ready to go a couple days before Game Seven. So as soon as that last out came across, we brought all the product out, slapped them on the table and starting selling products immediately after the game," said Carlisle.

Susan Wong was one of the hundreds in line this morning. "Dropped the kids off already and I have to go to work in late today, so this is how I'm spending my time," Chong said.

Hoarse from losing her voice cheering Wednesday night, Lisa Jenkins plans to be in line for World Series gear soon. "Definitely, that's where I'll be after school today," said Jenkins

And for a city still dealing with the aftereffects of a hurricane and a long road to recovery ahead, the Astros first title provides a perfect escape. Kirby Gray thinks so. "Perfect time through the things that Houston been through with Harvey and everything, it's a great thing for the city."