Election 2016

Republican National Convention Underway

News 88.7 Reporter Andrew Schneider is covering the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Follow him on Twitter: @ASchneider_HPM.

Morning Edition Anchor Eddie Robinson spoke with News 88.7 politics and government Andrew Schneider from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this morning to get a rundown of Tuesday’s events. Click the audio play button above to listen. Click here to view previous coverage and scroll down to view latest tweets.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is at the RNC this week. He’s heading the Texas delegation in the place of Gov. Greg Abbott, who’s still recovering from severe burns.  Schneider spoke with Patrick about Texas’ role in the November election. Listen to the audio in the player below. 

Houston Public Media's Coverage of Election 2016

Houston Public Media's Coverage of Election 2016

In A Bumpy Coronation, Trump Wins The Crown, By Associated Press

The art of the coronation has taken something of a beating at the Republican National Convention.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump now has the crown — and a final chance to summon unity from the party’s restive ranks in the ritual’s closing days.

The roll call of the states Tuesday night delivered Trump the nomination. Day 3 brings two conservative stalwarts to the stage — running mate Mike Pence and Trump’s most tenacious primary opponent, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. That’s the man Trump used to call “Lyin’ Ted.”

On the second night, speakers came forward to denounce Hillary Clinton, none to greater effect than New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

But discord remains and it remains to be seen if Trump can generate the unity and fighting spirit he’ll need in the fall.