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Here Are The Results From Houston’s City Council Runoff Elections

The results are in for the 11 City Council races that went to runoffs on Saturday.

University of Houston is a new addition to early voting locations.
Chris Paul/Houston Public Media
Election signs on the UH campus.

The Harris County Clerk’s office has posted the results for the 11 City Council races that went to runoffs on Saturday.

In the District H race, just 12 votes separate the two candidates, with incumbent Karla Cisneros narrowly leading challenger Isabel Longoria. “It has been a long election but we're excited to see the still-to-come official results for last night's runoff election once all community members' votes have been counted, including military and provisional ballots. Until then, the race remains too close to call,” Longoria said in a statement. “I will wait for every vote to be counted before making any decisions about a recount or other process.”

All 16 City Council seats were on the ballot this year, with over 100 candidates in the running. Four of them were decided on Nov. 5: District E (Incumbent Dave Martin); District G (Incumbent Greg Travis); District I (Incumbent Robert Gallegos); and District K (Incumbent Martha Castex-Tatum).

The other 12 races went to runoff elections, as no candidate received over 50% of the vote. While 11 of the runoffs were held on Saturday, December 14, the District B runoff has been delayed due to an ongoing legal challenge.

Below are the initial results from the Harris County Clerk’s office for the 11 runoff elections. The final, tabulated results will be available after they are canvassed.

District A:

  • Amy Peck: 70.18%
  • George Harry Zoes: 29.82%

District C:

  • Abbie Kamin: 59.42%
  • Shelley Kennedy: 40.58%

District D:

  • Carolyn Evans-Shabazz: 62.16%
  • Brad “Scarface” Jordan: 37.84%

District F:

  • Tiffany D. Thomas: 55.99%
  • Van Huynh: 44.01%

District H:

  • Karla Cisneros: 50.06%
  • Isabel Longoria: 49.94%

District J:

  • Sandra Rodriguez: 42.04%
  • Edward Pollard: 57.96%

At-Large Position 1:

  • Mike Knox: 56.48%
  • Raj Salhotra: 43.52%

At-Large Position 2:

  • David W. Robinson: 59.30%
  • Willie R. Davis: 40.70%

At-Large Position 3:

  • Michael Kubosh: 61.30%
  • Janaeya Carmouche: 38.70%

At-Large Position 4:

  • Anthony Dolcefino: 48.15%
  • Letitia Plummer: 51.85%

At-Large Position 5:

  • Eric Dick: 47.16%
  • Sallie Alcorn: 52.84%