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Spring Intern: Chris Cantu


Intro who you are and what you hope to get out of this internship.  My name is Chris Cantu. I’m currently a senior at University of Houston for Media Production. I hope to learn about the world of radio here at KUHF, how to develop stories and learn everything I can to take it with me into the real world.


What drew you to KUHF?  I was recently introduced to NPR just a few months ago. I instantly knew that this was like no other station I listened to. The stories were different, intriguing and educational. They were stories I didn’t even know I wanted to know about.  


What is your favorite public radio show and why?  I have recently been intrigued by Fresh Air with Terry Gross. The diversity of her guests and genuine curiosity of her questions makes her stand out from the rest of any other interviewers I’ve come across. I even recently ordered her book to learn more about her interviewing style.


What are your favorite publications?  Houston Press has been one of my favorite local publications for years. It’s a great way to stay up to date on local events and receive interesting outlooks on things going on in the city.


Who should I follow on Twitter and why?  Actress Anna Kendrick, because she always puts out hilarious tweets throughout her day.


What is your social handle or nickname?  I’ve never really had a nick name growing up. I’ve always just been called Chris.


What social media accounts are you involved with?   Tumblr. Facebook. Instagram.


What is the best thing to do in Houston?  Greek festival is my favorite thing to do in Houston. The second it’s announced I’m counting the days until it gets closer. I also enjoy the nightlife here in Houston, finding new places to go and hang out with friends.


What do you do when you are not at KUHF? If I’m not out with friends, I am at home writing. I hope to find a career in writing, whether for radio or film someday, so every chance I can get to practice my own writing skills, I make sure to set time aside.