Voters Approve Joint Processing Center By Razor-Thin Margin

Harris County's proposed joint inmate processing center got away with a narrow victory last night, passing by less than 500 votes.

Harris County Proposition 1 passed, if only barely, by 50.1 to 49.9 percent. Voters were asked to allow the county to issue $70 million in bonds to pay a share of the construction of an inmate processing center shared by the city of Houston and Harris County.

County Judge Ed Emmett was in support of the proposition. But despite it passing, he’s not too happy about the final result.

“This should have been a 70-30 vote. I mean it shouldn’t even be close, so I don’t know what this says about the electorate and our ability to explain an issue.”

City and county leaders had pushed to pass the proposition, which does not require a tax increase and will save both the city and the county money over the long run.

The processing center is slated to open in three years. It will eliminate the extra step of booking many offenders in both the city jail and then the Harris County Jail.


Florian Martin

Business Reporter

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