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Houston Cinema Arts Festival Brings Film to the Forefront

The Houston Cinema Arts Festival begins a week of innovative film and media installations to promote the creative process and inspire the community. The festival will include Houston filmmakers along with internationally acclaimed actors, producers, and directors.


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The Houston Cinema Arts festival begins tomorrow with a five-day lineup of carefully selected films, followed by two days highlighting local filmmakers. Houston Cinema Arts Society Executive Director, Trish Rigdon.

“We have narrative films, documentary films, experimental films. We’re in five locations: Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Sundance Cinemas, Aurora Picture Show, Asia Society Texas Center, and then in our headquarters at 1201 Main at the corner of Main and Polk.”

The festival will feature films that celebrate music, art and dance; animated films; films starring critically acclaimed actors like Merryl Streep and Judi Dench; and boundary-pushing films like North of South, West of East in which the audience sits in the center of a four screen installation on swivel chairs to follow the action. Beyond this week of films, however, the Houston Cinema Arts Society hopes to continue to bring cinematic excellence to the city.

“Year-round, what our goal is, is to show the public that there is a wealth and depth to film that is not all just the commercial type. The universal language of film is the quickest way to the human heart. So, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

A variety of festivities and programs will accompany the films. Some films even have live musical accompaniment. Featured guests attending this year’s festival include Thomas Haden Church, Tracy Letts, and Richard Linklater among others.

Artistic Director, Richard Herskowitz:

“Film is really changing right now, and that is why we have a festival section called “Cinema on the Verge” that really is about new ways of encountering film. People will be drawn into the theaters, but then outside the theaters to really engage with some of these more interactive programs we create.”

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