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Houston Author Jerry Hatchett Discusses His Latest Novel

Houstonian Jerry Hatchett speaks about his recently published techno-thriller ‘Seven Unholy Days’.


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Jerry Hatchett is a digital forensics examiner, a career from which he draws much inspiration for his novels.

“I figure out what happens on the computers in the past. I would look at your computer and put all the digital breadcrumbs back together. I work for attorneys representing people in litigation. Eventually the end game of this career is that we testify in court when needed as an expert witness.”

The plot of “Seven Unholy Days” revolves around a championed designer known for the creation of his futuristic power grid lowering electricity costs for the country. The story is complicated by the eccentric antagonist when he breaches this system and throws the country into mass disarray.

“Well I’ve been a geek and a techno nut my entire life so that’s really more of the inspiration for the tech aspect of ‘Seven Unholy Days.'”

Jerry says the initial idea for “Seven Unholy Days”, came to him while experiencing an ice storm back when he was living in Mississippi. The power was out for weeks and it occurred to Jerry just how dependent people are on electricity. This incident got him thinking about the country’s vulnerability to such an attack.

Jerry also has a fascination for biblical prophecies which provide further depth to the plot. While not a religious novel, there are many biblical references throughout the story. The antagonist is a madman who decides that he is god and wants to bring about the seven seals of revelations to prove himself as such.

“I also have a love of stories that involve ancient clues and digging for answers so that’s how all that came together and that’s really the inspiration for ‘Seven Unholy Days.'”

Jerry is also the inventor of Easy Braid which featured on the “As Seen On TV” show. He is very actively working on his third novel and second techno-thriller titled, “Unallocated Space” which he plans to release by this Christmas.